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West Mall Rewards Terms & Conditions

West Mall Rewards (the “Programme”) is a digital loyalty programme managed by Alprop Pte Ltd (“APL”) under which members of the Programme can enjoy benefits and/or privileges and earn membership loyalty points (“Points”) which can be used to redeem rewards at West Mall (the “Mall”). The Programme is only available to persons who have downloaded the West Mall Rewards mobile application (the “App”) and created an account (“Members”).

By participating in the Programme, the Member is deemed to have read and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, including such amendments that APL may make in its sole discretion from time to time and without notice. APL reserves the right to accept or reject any individual from this Programme at its sole and absolute discretion without giving any reason whatsoever. By setting up a Membership account, applicants agree to be bound by West Mall Rewards App and Web’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and consent to the collection, processing, use and disclosure of their personal data and West Mall Rewards’ Terms & Conditions.


  • All applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of application to be a Member. APL reserves the right to request for proof of age at any time.
  • Membership of the Programme is open to Singaporean Citizens and Singaporean Permanent Residents only.
  • Each Member will be issued an account which is unique and non-transferrable. Members are not allowed to create multiple accounts, submit receipts not transacted by them, utilise rewards; vouchers and privileges on behalf of other members in any circumstances. APL reserves the right to suspend, terminate, merge and consolidate the details and benefits of any duplicate account of the Member into the Member’s earlier account. APL is not responsible for any loss of Membership privileges and/or services due to duplicate Membership.
  • At the point of registration, the applicant must provide the following information: i) name, ii) email address, iii) Singapore-registered mobile number.
  • As a condition of your membership for the Programme, you are required to provide us with current, accurate, truthful and complete information about yourself during the registration and to keep your records with us current and up to date. You agree that you shall be solely responsible for all consequences of proving any inaccurate, incomplete and/or insufficient information. In the event that the information provided is not current, is inaccurate and/or incomplete, or that you have provided false or misleading information, APL reserves the right to either suspend or terminate your Membership account for identity fraud.
  • All Memberships will start from the date of Membership activation. Members enjoy a lifetime membership for the Programme. However, APL reserves the right to set an expiry period for the membership or cancel any membership at its sole discretion without any liability to Members.
  • Members who wish to discontinue or terminate their membership must provide written notice to APL at or at the Customer Service Counter (1 Bukit Batok Central Link, Level 3, Singapore 658713). Upon such termination, all the POINTS, eVouchers (eWMGV) and Car Park Dollars (CP$) accumulated by you shall be immediately forfeited without any compensation or liability whatsoever on APL’s part.
  • Persons who wish to apply for a new Membership following discontinuation or termination of their original Membership may only do so after a period of six (6) months from the date of cessation and will have to apply for a new Membership in accordance with the Terms & Conditions in order to participate in the Programme. APL reserves the right to accept or reject an application for such reactivation at its sole and absolute discretion without assigning any reason.
  • Any breach of these Terms & Conditions or abuse of any rights or privileges under the Programme by a Member may result in a legal case, immediate termination, suspension of Membership, and/or withdrawal of privileges without prior notice. Such Members may also be blacklisted by APL and we may pursue all remedies (compensation of utilised vouchers and reward points) available to it under these Terms & Conditions and at law for any breach of these Terms & Conditions. Such Members will be barred from participating in all APL loyalty programmes indefinitely.


  • Members may start earning POINTS upon successful activation of his/her Membership by capturing and submitting images of receipts within 24 hours from time of purchase of qualifying purchases from any participating West Mall store (“Participating Retailers”). Full list of Participating Retailers is available at and on the App which may be updated from time to time.
  • Only original POS system-generated receipts / printed official invoices from Participating Retailers will be accepted.
  • POINTS may only be awarded for receipts submitted via the App and that the image of the receipt is clear and submitted in accordance with the instructions specified in the App. Resubmission of any receipts that have been previously submitted and/or for which POINTS have already been awarded will not earn any POINTS.
  • The criteria for qualifying purchases and the POINTS earn rate for qualifying purchases shall be determined by APL at our sole discretion and may vary between Participating Retailers.
  • No POINTS will be credited for non-qualifying purchases, credit card/NETS charge slips, handwritten, duplicate receipts / invoices or re-printed receipt(s), transactions from non-tenants atriums, pushcarts and kiosk vendors, money changers, cinema, claw machine operators, Bukit Batok Public Library, Foto Express, medical/dental clinics, Singapore Post, Kleen Wash, payment of bills/fines, purchase of tobacco, purchase and/or topping up of gift cards/cash cards/vouchers, parking coupons, privilege cards and prepaid cards/services. APL reserves the right not to award POINTS for non-Participating Retailers and to amend the list of Participating Retailers and/or non-qualifying purchases from time to time.
  • POINTS will be credited to a Member’s account within five (5) working days from the date that Member’s receipt is submitted. An in-App notification will be sent to Member when POINTS are successfully awarded.
  • Members may only submit receipts dated on or after the date of becoming a Member.
  • All POINTS earned are non-transferable and cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash and/or any other items, in part or in full, at any time.
  • A minimum spending of S$20 per receipt is required for earning POINTS and REDEMPTIONS (POINTS are awarded based on the nett purchase value after deduction of discounts/vouchers at all Participating Retailers). Members may submit up to a maximum of five (5) receipts per day and may only earn a maximum of 1,000 POINTS per day, regardless of actual amount spent or total value of the receipts scanned.
  • For purchases of goods and services made by instalments or any form of Buy Now Pay Later plans, Members may only earn POINTS based on the nett amount paid on the same day as reflected on the relevant receipt.
  • POINTS shall be credited at the conversion rate of S$1 = one (1) POINT, whereby the final receipt amount (after any discount, service charge, GST or other additional amount or deduction) will be rounded down to the nearest dollar (for illustration purposes, a member with receipt of $99.90 will earn 99 POINTS).
  • Members will earn 2x POINTS on their first receipt and first qualifying receipt on their birthday month and may only earn a maximum of 1,000 POINTS on this receipt, regardless of the actual amount spent or total value of the receipt scanned. This is not applicable with other bonus POINTS promotions.
  • An official store receipt submitted to earn POINTS must clearly show the following details: i) the Mall name, ii) the Participating Retailer name, iii) unit number, iv) date and time, v) final receipt nett amount, vi) receipt number.
  • Receipts that are stamped “redeemed” or that have been successfully submitted via the App cannot be re-used and are not valid for other redemptions.
  • Members may appeal via the App if they wish to dispute receipts that have been rejected by APL. POINTS will be credited to a Member’s account within five [5) working days from the date that Member’s receipt is re-submitted. Any decision by APL after such appeal shall be final, conclusive, and binding on Members.
  • For any exchange item receipt (with a new receipt number), it will not be applicable for submission, as it may be constituted as intentional fraud and may lead to investigation, suspension, and termination of the membership.
  • If a Member is found to have arranged for a return or refund of Successful Purchases after the award of POINTS, APL reserves the right to void, cancel, reject, invalidate, or retract, in its sole discretion, the rewards including POINTS, redeemed/utilised vouchers without notice. Further compensation in terms of monetary terms from Member may be required.
  • APL reserves the right not to credit POINTS in the event that the receipt submitted is defective, unclear, incomplete and/or does not comply with any of these Terms and Conditions. Any decision on the validity of the receipt submitted is at APL’s sole discretion, and any such decision by APL shall be considered final, conclusive, and binding on the Member.
  • Members shall retain original receipts for a minimum of ten (10) days or until POINTS have been fully credited to their Membership account, and produce them upon request for APL’s reference, failing which APL reserves the right to reject the receipt submission.
  • Members shall not be entitled to any POINTS for purchases made by other persons. APL reserves the right to request to sight the original receipt for further validation.
  • POINTS earned do not have any cash value and can only be used for the redemption of rewards under the Programme.
  • POINTS earned in each calendar year (i.e. between 1 January to 31 December) will expire on 31 December of that year. A bonus three (3) months grace period until 31 March of the following year will be given to all Members to redeem POINTS for Rewards. Thereafter, any unutilised POINTS will automatically expire or be forfeited, regardless of whether the Member has received prior notice. Any request for extension will not be entertained.
  • APL may from time to time, amend the validity period of POINTS earned and without cause, in its sole discretion and without prior notice.
  • Members may check their POINTS balance through the App. Each Member is solely responsible for monitoring the validity and expiry periods of his/her POINTS, redemptions of eWMGV or any other rewards before expiry, verifying his/her own POINTS balances, and contacting APL where any balances are incorrect.
  • POINTS earned or redeemed are strictly for Members’ personal use and shall not be used for any commercial purpose.
  • POINTS may be amended, cancelled, or deducted at any time at APL’s sole discretion.
  • Members must inform APL of any discrepancy between the amount on the receipt submitted and POINTS awarded within one month from the date of transaction on the receipt.
  • Participating Stores (require x5 spending): Aspire Hub, Challenger, Cold Storage, Cristofori Music, Daikin Proshop, Harvey Norman, Morris Allen English, Singtel, Switch+, Tien Hsia Language School and ValueMax.
  • Participating Stores (do not accept eVoucher, Points will be awarded): Eastern Rice Dumpling, EC House, Morris Allen English, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tien Hsia Language School.
  • Non-Participating Stores: Bukit Batok Public Library, Cathay Cineplexes, Chiropratic First, First Impression Dental Surgery, Foto Express, Fun Claw, Health Partners Family Clinic, Kleen Wash Dry Cleaning & Laundrette, Listening Lab, Simpson TCM Clinic, Singapore Post, Straits Foreign Exchange.


  • Members are eligible to be upgraded to Premium Members for a year upon spending $6,000 (“Minimum Spend”) or more within a year. Premium Members can earn 1.5x more POINTS on Qualifying Purchases made, capped at a maximum of 1,000 POINTS per day.
  • Membership Year refers to the twelve-month period following a Member’s sign up date. In the case of an existing Premium Member, the twelve-month period following the date that they were upgraded to a Premium Member.
  • Once a Member achieves the Minimum Spend after the Membership Year, APL will require a 5-day verification period to verify and confirm Proofs of Purchase submitted by the Member. After the verification, regular Members shall be upgraded to Premium Member for one year with effect from the next day following the verification. Any further amounts spent beyond the Minimum Spend during the remainder of the Membership Year will not result in an extension of the Premium Membership or count towards the Minimum Spend for future Membership Years.
  • Where APL finds that an existing Premium Member does not meet the renewal criteria for renewal of his Premium Membership, the Premium Membership will be reverted to regular Membership, with effect from the day immediately after the expiry of the current Premium Membership Year being verified.
  • APL reverses the right to amend, modify, or change the qualifying criteria for and/or the terms and conditions of the Premium Memberships.


  • eWMGV are only applicable in denominations of S$5, S$10 and S$50 for redemption with POINTS via the app.
  • The value of each eWMGV is equivalent to the stated amount in Singapore Dollars and is only valid for use at outlets of Participating Retailers at the Mall.
  • Members may access the “Rewards” tab on the App to convert POINTS to eVouchers (eWMGV). Only POINTS which have been duly processed and credited by APL can be converted.
  • The conversion rate for eWMGV is presently as follows and may be amended at APL’s sole discretion from time to time by updating the information stated in the “Rewards” tab:

1,000 POINTS = $5 eWMGV

2,000 POINTS = $10 eWMGV

10,000 POINTS = $50 eWMGV 

  • eWMGV are not exchangeable for cash. Any unutilised or remaining value of the eWMGV cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.
  • eWMGV are valid for twelve (12) months from date of issue/redemption unless otherwise stated. No extension will be entertained.
  • The list of eWMGV shall be determined by APL at its sole discretion.
  • Conversion of POINTS to eWMGV is final and cannot be reversed. APL reserves the right to void, cancel, reject, invalidate, or retract, in its sole discretion, any eWMGV at any time and without cause, including any suspicious, fraudulent, or bad faith use of such eWMGV.


  • Members may register up to two (2) vehicle numbers and two (2) corresponding IU numbers (“Registered Vehicle”).
  • Members may only register Singapore-registered private vehicles with valid IU numbers.
  • Members may access the “Parking Rewards” tab on the App to convert POINTS to Car Park Dollars (CP$). Only POINTS which have been duly processed and credited by APL can be converted to CP$ to pay parking charges incurred at the Mall.
  • The conversion rate shall be 500 POINTS = 2.50 CP$ (equivalent to S$2.50 in parking charges) and may be amended at APL’s sole discretion from time to time by updating the information stated in the “Parking Rewards” tab.
  • Conversion of POINTS to CP$ is final and cannot be reversed.
  • CP$ will automatically be deducted from the Member’s account to pay parking charges as the Member’s Registered Vehicle exits the Mall’s car park.
  • Where CP$ are insufficient to pay the full amount of parking charges incurred, the balance will be deducted from the Member’s Registered Vehicle’s Cashcard.
  • CP$ cannot be withdrawn, replaced, extended, or exchanged for cash.
  • In the event that the “Parking Rewards” system is out-of-service, CP$ will not be deducted and applicable parking charges will be deducted solely from the Member’s Registered Vehicle’s Cashcard. In such an event, APL shall not be under any obligation to reimburse or indemnify any Member in respect of the parking charges deducted from the Cashcard and shall further not be liable to any Member in respect of any breakdown, malfunction, or defect in the Mall’s car park system.
  • POINTS converted to CP$ in each calendar year (i.e. 1 January to 31 December) will expire on 31 December of that year with no grace period. Unutilised CP$ as at 31 December of that year will automatically expire or be forfeited, regardless whether the Member has received prior notice. Any request for extension will not be entertained.


  • Nothing in the App and Programme shall be construed as granting in whatsoever manner any license or right to use any trademarks displayed in respect of the Programme without APL’s written permission or the applicable trademark owner.


  • The information and materials contained in or accessed through the App and Programme are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, and subject expressly to these terms and conditions.
  • No representations or warranties of any kind, implied, express or statutory, including but not limited to, warranties of title, satisfactory quality, merchantability, non-infringement of third-party intellectual property rights, fitness for a particular purpose and freedom from viruses, is given in conjunction with such information and materials, or the App and Programme in general.
  • Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, APL and/or its related corporations does not warrant:

(a) The truth, accuracy, timeliness, adequacy, commercial value, completeness or reasonableness of the information and materials contained in or accessed through the App and Programme and expressly disclaims liability for any errors in, or omissions from, such information and materials;

(b) the App and Programme or any information and materials thereunder will be provided securely, uninterrupted or are free from errors, omissions, viruses, malicious codes, or that any identified defect will be corrected; and/or

(c) The security of any information transmitted by or to you through the App and Programme, and your access to and/or use of the App and Programme is entirely at your own risk and that any information transmitted or received through the App and Programme may be accessed by unauthorised third parties and/or disclosed by us or our officers, employees, agents or representatives to third parties purporting to be you or to be acting under your authority. You recognise that transmissions over the internet and e-mails may be subject to interruption, transmission blackout, delayed transmission due to internet traffic or incorrect data transmission due to the public nature of the internet.


  • To the extent permitted by law, APL and/or its related corporations shall not be liable to Members or any other party for any damages, losses, expenses or costs whatsoever (including without limitation, any direct, indirect, special, aggravated, punitive or consequential damages, loss of profits or loss opportunity) arising directly or indirectly in connection with:

(a) any act or omission of it, its employees, agents, service providers or contractors;

(b) any access, use and/or inability to access or use the App and Programme and/or any information or materials provided thereunder;

(c) any system performance, server or connection failure, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay or failure in operation or transmission, or computer virus or line or system failure of the App and Programme;

(d) any use of the services (including any goods and/or services which you may obtained in connection with the use of such services) provided under the App and Programme, even if APL, its representatives, agents or employees were previously advised of the possibility of such losses and/ or expenses.

(e) any error, omission, delay or loss of POINTS, CP$ or eWMGV as a result of technical malfunction, inaccuracy, unreliability, unsuitability or any error attributed to the App and Programme by any of APL’s staff, employees, agents or service providers. Any dispute arising from or relating to any goods and/or services received in connection with use of the eWMGV shall be settled between you and the participating retailer(s);

(f) non-performance, error, interruption or delay in the performance of its obligations under the App and Programme and these Terms and Conditions due in whole or in part, directly or indirectly to an event or failure beyond APL’s reasonable control;

(g) the collection, use, disclosure and/or processing of your personal data (and/or any personal data of third parties provided by you) in accordance with these Terms and/or our Privacy Policy;

(h) your omission or failure to ensure the personal data you have provided us including mobile numbers, email addresses and/or In-Vehicle Unit (IU) numbers is updated and accurate; and/or

(i) any other reason(s) stipulated in these Terms and Conditions.

  • In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the use of the App and Programme and Rewards Membership may be subject to additional terms and conditions, which will apply in full force and effect upon the introduction of such terms and conditions.


  • You hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold each of APL and its related corporations harmless from and against any and all damages, losses, expenses, costs (including legal costs), fines or claims suffered or incurred by APL and/or its related corporations arising directly or indirectly in connection with:

(a) your negligent and/or reckless act or omission or any fraud, wilful default, or wilful misconduct; and/or

(b) your breach of or failure or delay in complying with the terms and conditions herein, and any applicable laws and rules.


  • Members acknowledge that in the course of Members’ use of the App and Programme, the following data may be collected, used and/or disclosed by APL, its representatives, agents, contractors and/or service providers:

(a) information relating to the transactions in respect of which POINTS are sought (for example, receipts issued by West Mall stores as well as the information contained therein; and

(b) Members’ use of or access to the App, for the purposes of: (i) providing, operating, maintaining, improving, marketing or promoting the App and Programme; and (b) conducting statistical, trade or other form of analysis.

  • Members and applicants consent and acknowledge that their personal data may be collected, used, disclosed and/or transferred by APL, its representatives, agents, contractors and/or service providers in accordance with APL’s Privacy Policy. Where Members and/or applicants have disclosed personal data of third parties (such as their next-of-kin), they warrant that they have obtained the consent of the relevant third party for the abovementioned collection, use, disclosure and/or transfer and agrees to indemnify each of APL and its related corporations against any damages, losses, expenses, costs (including legal costs), fines or claims arising from the Member’s breach of warranty.



  • APL shall have the sole discretion at any time to add to, amend or cancel any terms of the Programme, including for the avoidance of doubt, the cancellation of the entire Programme, without giving any reason and liability to Members.  APL’s decision on all matters regarding the Programme shall be final, conclusive, and binding on Members, whether or not Members are notified.


  • Any person or entity who is not a party to the Programme or these Terms and Conditions shall have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act, Chapter 53B of Singapore to enforce any term of these Terms and Conditions, regardless of whether such person or entity has been identified by name, as a member of a class or as answering a particular description.
  • The invalidity or unenforceability of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall not adversely affect or impair the e or enforceability of the remaining provisions herein.
  • The Programme and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore and all parties hereto submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Singapore.